Success in the Queen City & NAWBO Talks

6:30pm — 8:00pm

NAWBO Charlotte is bringing together Business Women Organizations in the Greater Charlotte Area for an evening of connections, knowledge sharing and a celebration of Women in Business Month. 

This year, these great events will be held virtually, both on Tuesday, March 2, 6:30pm – 8:00pm.  Get ready to be inspired and challenged by five NAWBO members who are an expert in their field. Click HERE for more information and to register:  SITQC/NT EVENT

Our speakers this year will be:

Fabi Preslar – Owner, SPARK Publications – “The Power of Passionate Perserverance” –Hard times can be the catalyst to re-write your business story, build stronger passion, then celebrate your own perseverance.

Dr. Felice Carlton – Felice Carlton Enterprises, LLC – We as business owners are phenomenal of creating amazing outcomes in the lives of others; we often neglect our physical, mental, and emotional needs in the process.  Learn how to identify the signs of stress in your body and employ simple strategies to help enhance your resilience and perseverance.

Bartina Edwards, Esq – The Law Offices of Bartina Edwards – “Resolution Through Collaboration”– Using collaborative principles plus four initial tools as a “north star” to navigate  from issue to resolution regardless of where we are standing in the moment. The concept while simple, is counter-intuitive and requires interrupting the status quo and shifting the paradigm where the real power can transform passion and perseverance into profit.

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